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We are a mobile golf academy.
There is no need for an outdoor driving range because we don’t teach you to hit golf balls to find or develop a swing.

Why waste your precious time hitting 1000’s of golf balls trying to develop a golf swing, when we can teach you how to develop the golf swing that will allow you to hit 1000’s of golf balls consistently in the direction that you want them to go.

We teach you how to setup to the golf ball with a stress free and quiet body in only 5 simple steps.

We then show you the 6 positions needed to have a repeatable and effortless swing that works the same way with every club in your golf bag (putter to driver).

In less than one minute we can show you how to execute the golf swing and in no less than one hour teach you how to perform it, even indoors. (NO GOLF BALLS NEEDED)

There is no need for any training aid or swing gadget.
We will show you the only drills needed to help you learn and perfect your swing, even while seated in the privacy of your home or office.

Hitting golf balls will then become an after thought only to see the results of a finely tuned hitting machine.