Clyde’s Bio


CLYDE L. HUGHEY, a native of Springhill, Louisiana, began his pursuit in professional golf late in life and has very quickly exemplified the ability and talent to master the sport!

As a young man in junior high school, he caddied for elite high-end country clubs in Louisiana. While working those weekends, he learned to precisely mimic the swings of low-handicapped players. Hughey moved to California after high school and it was not until he was over the age of 30 that he played his first round of golf, effortlessly shooting an 87.

His unparalleled athletic abilities were hidden as a young man and finally surfaced when Hughey turned professional in 1985. After persevering through difficult trials as a young adult (along with the loss of his wife) he has attributed golf as a gift he would pursue and enjoy for the rest of his life. He also credits the success, talent and confidence in golf to having faith in God, along with being surrounded with support of friends and family.

One of the most important and influential people in Hughey’s life and golf career has been his uncle, Cornell Todd, an avid golfer in Southern California. From his uncle’s advice and coaching, he had developed a solid golf swing. Clyde’s concentration and confidence on the golf course increased and resulted in the desire to follow his dream and play professional golf. 

When Hughey first pursued golf, in order to subsidize the expenses of playing golf, he turned to a new career (the road manager for musical groups.) He served as a road manager for UNDISPUTED TRUTH and ROLLS ROYCE for two years, which later led to him becoming tour manager for mogul BARRY WHITE. He became part of Barry White’s family and entourage for over five years. Attending to myriad duties and necessary details of the complex operations of Barry White, Inc. left little time for golf. These responsibilities at time required extensive traveling and road shows that kept him off the practice range for extended periods of time. 

Because of his love and passion for golf, Clyde made a career choice and decided to return to his first desire to become a professional. Legendary teaching pro Joe Norwood began working with him in the late 70’s and helped to facilitate his skills. 

Hughey later decided to attend PGA school in a quest for his PGA card. He played in many local tournaments and qualifying rounds to help assist with preparation. Finally, in the year 2000 Clyde Hughey received his first ….PGA card for the Senior Tour. 

Hughey now resides in Lancaster, Texas where he has undergone the beginning of a new and exciting mission related to his golf pursuit and talent. His goal is to take part in a new development for the City of Lancaster. He has envisioned a state of the art golf school at the Country View Golf Club that “would put the City on the map.” His skills and talents will offer him the ability to teach in areas such as: golf etiquette; knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the game; private lessons along with golf clinics for local schools and churches. 

He is presently working as an assistant to Mr. Lee Adger, the Director of Golf Instruction at the Country View Golf Club in Lancaster, Texas. Clyde is also assisting in golf clinics and conduct private lessons. As an active member of Fresh Anointing Worship Center, his valuable assistance has helped to lay the foundation for the beginning stages for this great church in Lancaster. He spends most of his free time as a volunteer. 

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